Version 1.5.11RC7:

    Bugs Fixed since RC2
  • Fixed links in "Links to this page" (aka ReverseLink in html template) section [RC3]
  • Cleaned up RecentChanges when converting to HTML [RC3]
  • Added documentation of toc and pageeditor to wikiformatting [RC3]
  • Fixed a bug in user authentications where if you didn't specify anything such as :=:: to force users to use usernames it wouldn't work [RC3]
  • Fixed some toc numbering mishaps [RC3]
  • Fixed diffing accuracy [RC4]
  • Added back the missing minilogo1.jpg that was missing from RC3 [RC4]
  • Fixed an interwiki bug where a page LikeThis:Etc would have LikeThis wikied before the : and not interwiking correctly [RC4]
  • Changed the way string comparisons work. This should speed up the server slightly and dramically speed up the source highlighter (less then 3 seconds to load a 100k file - although I'm not sure you'd want a 100k page :\ :)) [RC4]
  • Fixed a bug where it would sometimes crash when rendering a UseMod table with embedded wiki syntax such as '''XXX''' [RC5]
  • Fixed crash protection - now the server doesn't crash and just returns a 500 error instead like it was in pre-1.5.6 [RC5]
  • Fixed a user configuration bug where if you had a blank user auth it would skip it and use the homepage as the auth instead [RC5]
  • Fixed some user configuration bugs and how the users are unloaded and written out - now the users are written out when a change happens in a user's preferences rather than when the server shuts down [RC5]
  • Fixed footnotes with alphabet characters used in them (headnotes were working, but not footnotes) [RC5]
  • Changed the two restoring from dump messages to be in CSV format [RC5]
  • Cleaned up the html divs out of the footer which fixes some alignment problems [RC5]
  • Got rid of some stylesheet stuff that screwed up rendering on page with the sourcehighlighter on FireFox [RC5]
  • Fixed a toc bug where if it encountered a heading like == # whatever without a finilizing equal then it would only print out a string. [RC5]
  • Fixed a toc bug where it would sometimes print out the leading # of the heading depending on what was entered [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug in HTML conversion where AdminLogin and other meta pages were linking to non-existant files [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug in HTML conversion where it would print out the editor and comment of a page [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug where if you would try to create a page like Directory/Item, then some meta pages like ListOrphans would refer to it as ../Directory/Item [RC5]
  • fixed the bug mentioned by ken where headings centered with ] were not being counted in the table of contents.
  • Fixed a bug where a UseMod table starting with a | without a space before it at the beginning of a line has the | chipped off and has no table [RC7]
  • Fixed a bug where the : in definition lists was not properly being parsed [RC7]
  • Added somewhat extensive documentation on the style sheet styles used in WikiServer at StyleCss [RC7]

*Also, there is a general across-the-board beautification of the wiki pages in the default distribution, along with the firefox rendering fix ken raised earlier.

Version 1.5.11RC2:

    Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed HTML outputting to a directory - now all files in the directory specified by config or "HTML" by default will be overritten rather than a new directory created (previously if there was a HTML directly when converting to HTML then it would create a new directory named HTMLHTML and so on and output to that - now it just overrites the original HTML directory) [RC2]
  • Fixed editing of administration pages from AdminLogin [RC2]
  • Fixed location of changelog when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed page links in meta pages when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed page links in footer when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed css link in RecentChanges when converting [RC2]
  • Alphabet characters are now accepted in footnote syntax ([xxx]) as well as numbers now [RC2]
  • You can now have named wiki page links like usemod (i.e. [WikiFormatting COOL FORMATTING PAGOLA]) [RC2]

Version 1.5.11RC1 (Changes since 1.5.7):

    Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a 500 crash bug with headers with an embedded number sign(#) in them such as ==C#==
  • Fixed editing from a previous revision of a page
  • Fixed a bug where server would crash if $PageDate was put in the header and a meta page such as AdminLogin was visited - note that this also fixes HTML conversion with metapages
  • Fixed a bug where it would print out Error: Invalid regular expression '(?:\s+\#include|^\#include).*(<.*?>)': quantifier operand invalid when using the source highlighter and certain parts of it would not work
  • Fixed some bugs with table of contents header detection - only headers starting with <space>#<space> should be accepted as table of contents headers.
  • Fixed some bugs in the source highlighter where certain things would not be highlighted and result in empty spans
    New Features
  • Switched the log format back to CSV (Comma Seperated Variable) format for easier scanning by tertiary applications.
  • Removed the useless cookie notes from the log

Version 1.5.7 (Changes since 1.5.3):

  • Added option to restart server either remotely or via the taskbar
  • Fixed hostname stuff in config - hostname option no longer required for page editing
  • Fixed version
  • 1.5.4 was just missing some files, 1.5.5 fixes this
  • Added png to the mimetypes (it was already done internally, but now its in mimetypes.wkc by default)
  • Fixed hostname getting for the log. WxWikiServer now [should] correctly get the hostname of visitors to the wiki.

Version 1.5.3:

  • Fixed conversion to HTML

Version 1.5.2:

  • <nowiki> now performs like it should
  • <nowiki> now works if html is disabled
  • Cookies in opera now work correctly
  • Added [[link]] syntax
  • Added jpe to list of internal mime types

Version 1.5rc3:

  • Made ListOrphans have the same layout as the new ListAllPages layout
  • Added more docs
  • Many, many user interface fixes
  • Various bugs fixed

Version 1.5rc2:

  • Links in equal headings now work
  • Fixed ReverseLink on pages in subdirectories
  • Changed default template/css a bit
  • Fixed crash on startup if pages directory wasn't found
  • Fixed long-standing too-many \n's in monospaced text bug
  • Fixed directory paths in converted html pages
  • Added/Refined online docs quite a bit
  • InterWiki links with subdirectories now work properly
  • Many other fixes

Version 1.5rc1:

  • Fixed massive memory leak with diffing
  • Fixed editing off of previous revisions
  • Fixed preview function
  • Fixed hangups with opera browser
  • Turned off socket timeouts. Should make the server a lot faster.
  • Now html and code commands end previous tags, which fixes some wiki output
  • Fixed hangups, errors, and bugs with sockets and sending data
  • Directory traversing code is now buffer-overflow safe and faster
  • Convert to HTML now copies files from subdirectories
  • Subdirectories are now supported via the usemod literal syntax
  • You can set the max depth in config.wkc
  • You can now specify the max number of revisions per page in config.wkc
  • You can now specify how to keep revisions (backward or forward)
  • ListAllPages now looks a lot nicer
  • Various other changes

Changes for WikiServer pre-1.5.x

Changes for WikiServer 1.3.4 (Ryan)

    Version 1.3.4:
  • It now uses a config file to set the port, etc - wikiserver.ini
  • You can set the page template path via the Temp variable - see config.wkc It now uses a config file to set the port, etc - wikiserver.ini # You can set the page template path via the Temp variable - see config.wkc * Changed look of default template a bit
  • Stable source highlighting for 6 languages - c, c++, java, jscript, vbscript, and visual basic
  • Changed edit conflict resolution AGAIN. Now it compares the current editor to the last one (usernames if a user, ips if anonymous).
  • Fixed include bug where [PAGENAME]) would be printed after the included page if it was recursively included
  • Fixed include bug where a blank title would be acceptable
  • Removed erronious $$SPACEDTITLE$ template
  • Added $$ALTHEADING$$ template that shows the pagename without spaces
  • Added preview function to edit and merge pages
  • Fixed HTML output, with a few hitches
  • Fixed DumpAllPages, with the following notes - ** Only works on current revision of pages
  • Fixed DumpAllPages so that it works on system pages like nolink:PageTemplate.html also
  • Fixed server shutdown via admin menu
  • Added a newline to the end of each line and after each linebreak in output
  • Fixed a bug in usemod tables where the last table line would get appended if it was the end of the page
  • Fixed a bug in usemod tables where it wouldn't end the last tag correctly
  • Added MeatBall-style #REDIRECT
  • Added ability to load settings from config file (wikiserver.ini)
  • Added option to display an image next to an h1 ("Heading Image Path" in config.wkc)
  • Added option to set the html template file name ("Template" in config.wkc)
  • Fixed bug in log window where if you closed it it would close the server. However, some apps like the windows task manager may think the program is hanging if you try to close the window
  • Changed diff output radically - now it only shows what has changed, and is more usemod-style
  • Added some exception handling to prevent crashes
  • Fixed some bugs concerning users.wkc
  • Will now log to a file in addition to logging to the log window
  • Set username cookie to expire in 90 days, rather than at the end of a session
  • Many other fixes, etc.

Changes for WikiServer 1.3.3 (Ryan)

    Version 1.3.3a
  • Used 'divs' instead of 'ps' - took a lot of hacking around to get to display right (Incidentally, the reason the footer wasn't displaying right was because there was no 'br' before the 'div' ended - for some reason I.E. doesn't think the 'div' exists unless there's a 'br' somewhere in it - though it may only apply to the last 'div' in the html document. Strange.)
  • Added html multiline ability with the [$html:@html] and [$html:@endhtml] commands.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL source code highlighting using [$html:@code] and [$html:@endcode] commands (disabled by default).
  • Corrected some errors in WikiFormatting
  • Changed linebreaks default to 0 (no line breaks)
  • Added some info on the wildcard character in ip filtering (*)
  • Changed mimick to mimic in config.wkc
  • Changed edit conflict resolution process (AGAIN)... TWICE
    (Now its REALLY sophisticated. Basically, when a user chooses "edit page", it maps his/her ip to the revision of the page. When the user submits his/her changes, wikiserver checks the map to see if someone else beat him/her to it (i.e. the revision of the page is higher then when the user chose to edit it).
  • Made sidebar items a virtual list
  • Fixed some misc user login issues
  • Added ability to have admin logout easily
  • Usual song and dance - bugs, new misc features I can't remember, etc...

Version 1.3.3:

  • Added $$SPACEDTITLE$$ for the current page name, spaced :)
  • Changed RecentChanges display to that of UseMod's
  • Added several options dealing with spaces in page names.

Changes for WikiServer 1.3.2 (Ryan)

Version 1.3.2c:

  • Changed editing process completely (AGAIN). The merge screen is brought up if - the last user was anonymous and it's ip does not match the current one, or the last user does not equal the current one

Version 1.3.2b:

  • Changed editing process completely. Now the user can step on his own edits, but it can't take down the server....
  • Added $$USERNAME$$ option to html templates
  • lots of misc changes

Version 1.3.2a:

  • Added $$USERNAME$$ command to html template

Version 1.3.2

  • All the changes of the wikiserver 1.2 and 1.2.5 +
  • Fixed revisioning
  • Fixed user logins
  • Fixed diffing
  • Changed sprintfs to custom implementation
  • Countless other bugs squished
  • Valid HTML 4.01 STRICT
  • Lots and lots of other changes

Changes for Wikiserver 1.2 (aka MVDW 1.1. m1)

  • Added new template that shows most (if not all) new features.
  • Updated pages like WikiFormatting with new features.
  • Added support for file:/// urls.
  • Added support for https:// urls.
  • Added $version command.
  • Added $$VERSION$$ option.
  • Added use of [[]] to make Wiki links.
  • Both CamelCase and [[square brackets]] can now be used.
  • Added the ability to serve files from subdirectories of the Pages folder.
  • Added -r commandline option to specify where pages are stored. Defaults to "Pages"
  • Added some checks to the $html command so that one can't mess up the HTML code accidentally.
  • Fixed $$PAGE$$ command on Windows 9x and Windows NT 4.0 systems.

Stuff done in older versions and present in the new version

  • Added $edit: command (to edit a file from anywhere on wiki (and not only from the page itself).
  • Added $html: command (to use html commands on '''any page'''. Ex: to change the color of the text, enter: [$html: < font color=blue >])
  • \n is now written as <BR>''' so you can manually break pages.
  • 'Added Wiki Formatting link on the Edit Page'' to have a quick access to the formatting syntax information right from the edit page.
  • Added $$PAGE: Page Name$$ option (to show the contents of page B on page A)
  • Note: The reverse link functions show the links to the current page on the page itself. Previously, you saw the links by clicking on the title.
  • Added $reverselink: command. We put this tag on any page to have a list on links to any page. Ex: On start page we can indicate the links to the WikiFormatting page by using the following syntax: [$reverselink:WikiFormatting]. This command is very useful if we want to put a page establishing all the links to all pages.
  • Added $$REVERSELINK$$ option. We put this tag on the PageTemplate.html file and the links to each page will appear.
  • Added $$REVERSELINK:PageName$$ option. The same as $reverselink:, but now for the pagetemplate
  • Added: Return WYSIWYG. When you enter a text on the next line (after a return) the text shows on the next line like in a word processor.