What is a WikiServer?

A WikiServer is a WikiEngine* that is completely self-contained - it includes its own HTTP server, and so does not require CGI support, Perl, or even a separate Web server such as Apache or IIS. As such, it is one of the easiest ways to install and run a wiki; even people without any knowledge about the system can set up a wikiserver without many problems. WikiServer is also sometimes used as a general term to describe any WikiEngine with a built-in server. (wx)Wikiserver is released under the wxWindows Library Licence and Public Domain and can be freely used (speech & beer).

*A WikiEngine is the core of the Wiki software: a type of collaborative software that runs a Wiki system. It is usually implemented as a server-side script that runs on one or more web servers, with the content generally stored in a relational database management system, although some implementations use the server's file system instead. Mostly it's comprised of a CGI or other script running on a server on the internet, communicating with the client via HTTP. Traditionally, the client is just a browser. The interface (HTML pages) and the data (page database) is stored on the server.

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