Wikiserver History

The first WikiServer (Eddie's WikiServer) was developed by Eddie Edwards around 1997. It was continously improved for few years until development was halted due to unknown reasons.

Eddie's WikiServer borrowed most of its Wiki Syntax from Ward's Wiki, but it had a few of its own extensions:
For instance, 1: made a table, and increasing 1 made each consecutive row. You could do the same with 1;, only this made a table without a border. Eddie's WikiServer (as it is called on WikiWikiWeb) was Windows-only and needed to be compiled using [[Microsoft Visual C++]]. It was a Command Line application that had its server settings configured with command line arguments.

The Wiki Server was originally a C++ program, implementing the bare bones of HTTP/1.0 and providing a Wiki Wiki Web for intranet and simple internet environments under WIN32. It is used for note sharing, and it is renowned for its user-friendly installement and simple wiki-use on an intranet or the internet. It's by far one of the most popular personal wikiservers, due to it's (extremely) easy way to run (and use) it, compared to other wiki-engines. Thanks to Ryan it has become a fully grown wikiserver for the internet at large; yet it remains free (as well in speech as in beer) for you to enjoy.

Eddie did a great job, but unfortunately, has stopped the development of his version, his latest being version 1.1 (beta). Luckily, some have continued the development:

  1. Michel Van De Wetering had finished a set of mods on EW 1.1. It was a good version, though still beta. You can now find this wikiserver (+ source) of Michel (MVDW v.1.1-m1) on the download page; "wikiserver". The changelog can be seen on 'Changelog'. This mod was long considered to be the latest version of the wikiserver: Wikiserver 1.2 (beta), but the development has been taken up by Ryan and has now gone beyond version 1.3 status (see below).
  2. Elrey modified Eddie's Wikiserver 1.0 for his simple group collaboration. In addition to 1.0 features, it has several new features, which can be seen on
    The entire history has become pretty complex, and while some have suggested that one should start a seperate section for every wikiserver-fork, it was decided against it. There are good pro and cons for and against it, but ultimately, it's less complex to just use one versionnumber then myriads of others, especially when the forkings get mixed and added together. The very latest for the moment is the new version of Ryan, which incorporates all good stuff from the 1.1 and the 1.2 (MVDW) versions. Logic dictates, since it's the most advanced and incorporates the most bug-fixes and enhancements of the other wikiservers, it will have to have a higher number. I have decided to use the same as Ryan: WikiServer 1.3.x. This wikiserver (1.5.8 and higher) is now multiplatform and can also be run on Linux.
    For the changes in code, see the changelog.
  3. Several years later, around late 2003, development was started again by a developer named Ryan Norton. Because he was a developer for the WxWidgets project, he decided it would be a good idea to capitalize on his WxWidgets experience and make WikiServer with it. He named his fork WxWikiServer.

xWikiServer had several major differences between it and Eddie's WikiServer:
It was no longer Windows-only - it could run on all major platforms
It was no longer command-line driven... initial configuration was done through the WikiServer.ini file.
It had a TaskBarIcon, from which you could shut it down, restart it and see the server log, all without having to open a web browser.
Eventually many, many features were added to WxWikiServer - such as full UseMod syntax capatability, improved security et al.

For a full list of features, see the changelog.

Untill the 1.5.3 version, WxWikiServer was not as popular as the original WikiServer, because it lacked a few features and was buggy, at least when used extensively on the Internet. Therefore some people decided to stay with the original WikiServer, or the 1.2 version.

However, with the help of several determined users, WxWikiServer was eventually restored to the stability of the original WikiServer. Later, when it became clear that Eddie's WikiServer was no longer going to be developed, Ryan Norton renamed his WxWikiServer back to WikiServer to avoid confusion. His latest version is 1.6 (RC); it will have all the good things of all the previous WikiServers, plus exellent reliability and a lot of extra features that the original didn't have, while at the same time remaining as easy to use.

Thus, since a considerable time now, the main developer has been Ryan, who developed the wiki further using his wxwiggets-knowledge. He has done a remarkable job, and made the wiki even more mainstream and user-friendly, with additions that also makes it a full-featured wiki for the internet.

Wikiserver is released under the wxWindows Library Licence and Public Domain, and the development can be seen and helped at scourceforge.