Wikiserver Changelog

Changes for WikiServer 1.5.x

1.5.11 (total):
    Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a 500 crash bug with headers with an embedded number sign(#) in them such as ==C#==
  • Fixed editing from a previous revision of a page
  • Fixed a bug where server would crash if $PageDate was put in the header and a meta page such as AdminLogin was visited - note that this also fixes HTML conversion with metapages.
  • Fixed a bug where it would print out Error: Invalid regular expression '(?:\s+\#include|^\#include).*(<.*?>)': quantifier operand invalid when using the source highlighter and certain parts of it would not work.
  • Fixed some bugs with table of contents header detection - only headers starting with <space>#<space> should be accepted as table of contents headers.
  • Fixed some bugs in the source highlighter where certain things would not be highlighted and result in empty spans.
  • Fixed HTML outputting to a directory - now all files in the directory specified by config or "HTML" by default will be overritten rather than a new directory created (previously if there was a HTML directly when converting to HTML then it would create a new directory named HTMLHTML and so on and output to that - now it just overrites the original HTML directory) [RC2]
  • Fixed editing of administration pages from AdminLogin [RC2]
  • Fixed location of changelog when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed page links in meta pages when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed page links in footer when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed css link in RecentChanges when converting [RC2]
  • Fixed links in "Links to this page" (aka ReverseLink in html template) section [RC3]
  • Cleaned up RecentChanges when converting to HTML [RC3]
  • Added documentation of toc and pageeditor to wikiformatting [RC3]
  • Fixed a bug in user authentications where if you didn't specify anything such as :=:: to force users to use usernames it wouldn't work [RC3]
  • Fixed some toc numbering mishaps [RC3]
  • Fixed diffing accuracy [RC4]
  • Added back the missing minilogo1.jpg that was missing from RC3 [RC4]
  • Fixed an interwiki bug where a page LikeThis:Etc would have LikeThis wikied before the : and not interwiking correctly [RC4]
  • Fixed a bug where it would sometimes crash when rendering a UseMod table with embedded wiki syntax such as '''XXX''' [RC5]
  • Fixed crash protection - now the server doesn't crash and just returns a 500 error instead like it was in pre-1.5.6 [RC5]
  • Fixed a user configuration bug where if you had a blank user auth it would skip it and use the homepage as the auth instead [RC5]
  • Fixed some user configuration bugs and how the users are unloaded and written out - now the users are written out when a change happens in a user's preferences rather than when the server shuts down [RC5]
  • Fixed footnotes with alphabet characters used in them (headnotes were working, but not footnotes) [RC5]
  • Changed the two restoring from dump messages to be in CSV format [RC5]
  • Cleaned up the html divs out of the footer which fixes some alignment problems [RC5]
  • Got rid of some stylesheet stuff that screwed up rendering on page with the sourcehighlighter on FireFox [RC5]
  • Fixed a toc bug where if it encountered a heading like == # whatever without a finilizing equal then it would only print out a >. [RC5]
  • Fixed a toc bug where it would sometimes print out the leading # of the heading depending on what was entered [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug in HTML conversion where AdminLogin and other meta pages were linking to non-existant files [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug in HTML conversion where it would print out the editor and comment of a page [RC5]
  • Fixed a bug where if you would try to create a page like Directory/Item, then some meta pages like ListOrphans would refer to it as ../Directory/Item[RC5]
  • Fixed a bug where headings centered with "]" were not counted in the table of contents [RC6]
  • Fixed a bug where a UseMod table starting with a | without a space before it at the beginning of a line has the | chipped off and has no table [RC7]
  • Fixed a bug where the : in definition lists was not properly being parsed [RC7]
  • Fixed a bug where a entry followed by one less then one would only reset the numbering on the current entry level [RC8]
  • Fixed a bug in TOC where the last character of the toc entry would get chipped off [RC8]
  • Fixed a bug where the text to TOC entries were being passed in raw, thus things like HTML tags could screw up the page [RC8]
  • Fixed a bug where the text to TOC headers were being passed in raw, thus things like HTML tags could screw up the page [RC8]
  • Fixed a bug where a url (i.e. [) without an ending ] on a line would crash the server [RC9]
  • Switched the log format back to CSV (Comma Seperated Variable) format for easier scanning by tertiary applications
  • Removed the useless cookie notes from the log
  • Alphabet characters are now accepted in footnote syntax ([xxx]) as well as numbers now [RC2]
  • You can now have named wiki page links like usemod (i.e. [WikiFormatting COOL FORMATTING PAGOLA]) [RC2]
  • Got rid of some supurflous images [RC3]
  • Changed the way string comparisons work. This should speed up the server slightly and dramically speed up the source highlighter ( 3 seconds to load a 100k file - although I'm not sure you'd want a 100k page :\ :)) [RC4]
  • Added somewhat extensive documentation on the style sheet styles used in WikiServer at StyleCss [RC7]